Security & Compliance

Customers expect Spectar to provide advanced, innovative security and privacy protection, end-to-end. The security capabilities of the HoloLens 2 and Azure meet the challenges of a modern threat landscape and its associated risks.

Enterprise Readiness


HoloLens is a Windows device. You’ll use the same and familiar processes and procedures of Windows Device Configuration Manager, mobile device management, and Azure Active Directory. You’ll find that you aren’t adding a bunch of new systems to what already exists.


Azure Active Directory creates a common user identity for authentication and authorization to all resources, regardless of location. Microsoft calls this hybrid identity.

Data processing

Spectar uses Azure Kubernetes Services for model processing. Kubernetes includes security components, such as pod security standards and Secrets. Meanwhile, Azure includes components like Active Directory, Microsoft Defender for Containers, Azure Policy, Azure Key Vault, network security groups and orchestrated cluster upgrades.

Data transfer

SQL Database, SQL Managed Instance, and Azure Synapse Analytics secure customer data by encrypting data in motion with Transport Layer Security (TLS).

SQL Database, SQL Managed Instance, and Azure Synapse Analytics enforce encryption (SSL/TLS) at all times for all connections. This ensures all data is encrypted “in transit” between the client and server irrespective of the setting of Encrypt or TrustServerCertificate in the connection string.

Built to meet your data security needs

Customers bring Spectar to their most critical projects. We built our ecosystem to meet industry standards.

Spectar cloud processing takes place on

Microsoft Azure Cloud
Our goal is to provide secure model processing, data transmission, and storage. We achieve this with these MS Azure services: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Azure SQL Database

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