UTILITY – While offices and trailers have great internet, jobsites don’t.

This why Spectar has created the capability to render entire models (up to 40GB) in offline mode.

Working with the model offline

Once oriented in existing conditions, even offline, BIM Helmet continuously scans the environment with its cameras, scanners, and software and builds a model of an actual space. The actual model is rendered polygon by polygon based on the map the device has created.

Download the model

Before heading out to the area with no connectivity, download/refresh the model and log in to Spectar.

Place a model on site

Once on-site, just turn on the bim helmet and look at any field marker, and press "play". scan as many markers as needed to achieve desired bim overlay accuracy.

Get work done offline

While offline, your entire model, its data, and all tools, except issue resolution to get work done are available for you. Off-line issue resolution comes Q4 2022.


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