Ease of Use

Customers use Spectar on projects with BIM LoD 350+. Models become rather large once they go through coordination, often >3GB. We built a NO-CODE way for you to process the models on the Cloud, and make them available for online and offline rendering.


100% models processed. 94% models processed the first time 


Average time to process 3gb model for offline viewing is 27 minutes 


Every element of the model has data


All processing takes place on the secure azure cloud servers

Large model rendering

The Spectar cloud processes the large models you work with. Once the model is processed, the user retrieves it to the BIM Helmet. Working with this large model online, there’s an option to download the model to the device and confidently go to the areas of questionable internet connection on site.

Dynamic visibility

Users select the viewing distance of 15′-300′ and the trade layers they want to see. Once set, the Spectar app renders the model with the selected geometry and data, within a given viewing distance.

Within the viewing “bubble”, the experience is similar to those of video games, where the model near is seen in higher definition, while elements far away are seen in lower fidelity.

When walking around, users also see model elements on the edge of the viewing distance dynamically appear and disappear, maintaining the selected viewing preferences.

Targets we set for ourselves


(Models successfully processed/total models uploaded)


(Average time to process all models)

Large model processing

Spectar cloud processes the large models you work with. The following example is a model for a large data center on the West Coast where our customer decided to split the project scope into 27 different layers as visualized below.

The project team uploaded these 27 files to the Spectar portal at 8:41 a.m. and the entire model, with all the layers mentioned below, was processed and available on their BIM Helmet at 9:19 a.m. A total of just 38 minutes for a ~3GB-large Navis model.

Results 2022 (Jan - Jun 2284 models total)


(13 failures)

Industry Results

Spectar cloud processing powered by

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Industry leading services

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Azure SQL Database

Our goal is to provide secure model processing, data transmission, and storage. We achieve this with these MS Azure services:

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