With Spectar, you are able to take full advantage of the HoloLens 2 hardware and functionality. Load full floors and even full building 3D models, and deliver them at a 1:1 scale on the jobsite.

Enterprise readiness feature

Customers use Spectar on projects with BIM LoD 350+. These models are typically authored in Revit or AutoCAD and coordinated in Navisworks. We built CAD/BIM integrations to reduce the effort for the export process. Think of Spectar as a powerful set of tools designed to bring your BIM to Field.

Iconstruct plug-in

Navisworks export

For Navisworks files, we are providing customers with a customized iConstruct Plug-in. We customized it to give you the ability to isolate the geometry of your federated models and upload them to Spectar by trade.

Revit export

Tracking is important

For Revit files, we are providing customers with Spectar Plug-in. Spectar Revit templates and the Revit plugin give you the ability to export the model with desired data in the model elements.

What do contractors mean when they say

Seeing data in Spectar

  • Associated bulletin package
  • Associated spool number
  • FSD-associated system tag
  • Duct pressure test results
  • Pressure rating
  • Support requirements (type and spacing)
  • Equipment cut sheets
  • and more…
  • System description 1 (Chilled/Hot water, Return/Supply/Exhaust)
  • System description 2 (N2, Compressed air, reverse osmosis, etc)
  • Pressure gauge
  • Duct size
  • Pipe diameter and center of pipe to benchmark distance
  • and more…
  • Cable type (CAT-6, CAT-5a, etc.)
  • Device identifier (lighting control, switch, etc)
  • Conduit size
  • Voltage
  • Total bend
  • and more…
Wall & Ceiling
  • Material type (galvanized, stainless, etc)
  • Offset
  • Identifier
  • Length
  • Elevation
  • and more…

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