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Mixed Reality BIM Overlay for the frontline worker in construction

Industry Standard

As the construction industry shifts to digital-first, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become an industry standard over the past decade.

BIM has allowed contractors to be more effective, efficient and to build increasingly more complex projects on tighter schedules.

The industry has been waiting for the day when the technological restrictions that have traditionally kept BIM tied to the office are resolved.

What problem are we solving?

For the trade professionals onsite, the #1 cause of “stop work” and “rework” orders is miscommunication.

These orders contribute to 98% of projects running over budget and 77% of projects not meeting their schedules.

Project crews have difficulty retrieving 3D coordinated models on the jobsite


Industry Facts

Using a 3D coordinated BIM helps project teams proactively forecast budgets and schedules

Existing solutions have not proved to be sustainable due to steep learning curves, unpractical solution for the jobsite and the need for additional resources

Historically, there has been a large disconnect between BIM/VDC teams and Project crews who execute the work designed in BIM

Leverage your BIM models in the Field to get things right the first time.

Your project teams use Spectar to build from BIM in real-time

3D models are created in the Office and go through a full coordination effort with project crews; only to be converted to simple 2D drawings to be used on-site.

Spectar’s ecosystem establishes Design-Field continuity and maximizes your BIM investment by embarking project crews on the BIM journey.


Project crews  use Spectar to visualize the 3D model, and the data they need, in the Field. Built for the jobsite, fits seamlessly with PPE hardhats and delivered in military-grade cases.


Convert your BIM model and deliver it to the Field in Mixed Reality. Easily convert your model and upload it to the headset so your team works and builds with the current model every day. Powered by Microsoft Azure, it works online and provides an offline feature for remote jobsites.


Construction expertise & 6 years of product development enable us to extend value-adding services. Guide your teams to maximize the value of Mixed Reality on the jobsite and design the services that fit your project needs.

Benefits for the owner
  • Enable the vision that generates throughput numbers $/Sqft/Hr. – not seen with referencing conventional 2D construction documentation.
  • Establish transparency among tasks to move the schedule to the left, reducing schedule risk and increasing production.
  • Empower communication to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC).
  • Standardize processes for your entire project portfolio
Benefits to the Architect
  • A shared vision establishes efficient collaboration with owners, engineers, and contractors.
  • Empower your project teams with Mixed Reality and enable them to find solutions in a fully-immersive experience while at the jobsite/ fabshop/ trailer/ office. 
  • Arrive at more effective, intuitive and effortless decision-making
Benefits to the engineer & detailer
  • See the field conditions and constraints with field communication tools.
  • See trade collisions in 3D and spend less time understanding the problem.
  • Communicate critical dimensions and levels of manufacturing between detailing and field directly in the 3D model.
  • Empower your field teams with the ability to communicate a solution to the detailer with a single platform, delivering all of the needed data on-site.
Benefits to the General Contractor
  • Uncover insights for owners during walkthroughs by providing them access to the full-scale model, in situation.
  • Create alignment among all your project stakeholders (Owners, Engineers, Subs), and empower them to collaborate using a shared design intent. 
  • Connect and manage subs and different trades with accessible full-scale BIM and communication tools.
  • Project crews from apprentices to veterans alike can access the data they need before and while they build, increasing issue resolution from the field and generating less RFIs.
  • See the design intent and compare it visually with the as-built environment, drastically reducing QA/QC time
Benefits for MEP contractor
  • See your entire systems and individual packets to ensure proper flow of material and labor: Ability to confirm MEP system design in situation.
  • Communicate critical dimensions to detailers, directly from the BIM overlay.
  • Install hangers, backing, and plumbing fixtures, directly from BIM overlay.
  • No paper rolls: see critical dimensions of any assembled parts directly from BIM overlay.
  • Uncover, document & share loose ends with your team members, directly from BIM overlay.
  • Share and document issues with project stakeholders directly from BIM overlay.
  • Establish continuous and value-adding Field-Fabshop communication to maximize fabshop productivity: Reduced waste, manufacturing time, storage, delivery to site and logistics of prefabbed systems.
Benefits for electrical contactor
  • See your entire systems in the physical space and confirm electrical systems designs in situation.
  • Communicate all the critical dimensions and field constraints to the detailers, directly from BIM overlay.
  • See all your conduit runs and entire assemblies before installation, to ensure accuracy. 
  • Hangers, j-hooks, control panels and end devices can be installed directly by referencing the BIM model. 
  • See the wire combination in any conduit and the total wire length, total conductor bending, number of junction boxes, origin point, and endpoint when wire pulling.
  • Connect and align with trade partners and ensure all devices are installed as per signed-off BIM, before closing walls.
  • Uncover, document & share loose ends with your team members directly from BIM overlay.
Benefits for wall & ceiling contractor
  • Navigate your entire systems in the physical space, with the ability to confirm wall and ceiling designs in situation.
  • BIM Overlay enables communication of all the critical dimensions and field constraints to the detailers.
  • Be empowered before installation to see all your backing, framing, and ceilings, to assure accurate installation.
  • Install backing, framing, and ceilings directly by referencing the BIM model.
  • Coordinate with trade partners seamlessly, and ensure all devices are installed per signed-off BIM, before closing walls.
  • BIM Overlay enables you to uncover, document & share loose ends with your team members.
Benefits for casework contractor
  • The supply chain of today demands a new approach.
  • Reimagine your workflow and material management of critical laboratory furniture and technical products from multiple manufacturers to be on time, every time.
Benefits for facility management
  • Keep your facilities operating at their peak by bringing connected environments together and empowering building and field engineers.
  • Your teams will have access to rich metadata, records, and insights in the built environment from the facility’s digital copy.
  • Your team can interact in pure virtual space, over distances, and with colleagues and experts anywhere in the world
Benefits for prefab
  • Improve project schedules, costs & quality.
  • Create and form material to spec directly from the BIM model in the Fab shop.
  • Efficient assembly by referencing the BIM model and building off the BIM Overlay.
  • Reduce waste, manufacturing time, storage, delivery to jobsite, and clarify logistics of prefabbed systems.

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